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what is it with talking like this on tumblr like oh my god look at me im way to awesome and cool to use capitalization or proper grammer or punctuation i know youre all jealous of me and want to be me dont you wish you were this cool peace out homiez

Tumblr famous.

Tumblr famous.

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Make sure to RSVP here! I’m so freaking excited for this. Spread the word!


Note: Tumblr meetup is on the 22nd NOT the 21st!

In a previous post we accidentally said that the UGA/Athens tumblr meetup was on Saturday, April 21st. That is not right, which caused some confusion. Sorry! But we meant to say that THE TUMBLR MEETUP WILL BE ON SUNDAY, APRIL 22ND!

Spread the word and don’t forget to RSVP by clicking on the link here!

We just got our meetup kit from the Tumblr HQ in NYC and it has all of this stuff like signs and stickers (seriously, so excited about those) that we’re going to be posting throughout campus! Make sure to tell your friends. Let me or AJ know if you have any questions, comments or concerns!


Hey guys!

So AJ and I mentioned a few weeks ago the idea of having a UGA Tumblr meetup and we got a really strong positive response from a lot of y’all (we’re Southern - so sue us) so we are pleased to announce…


When? SUNDAY, APRIL 22nd at 1 PM


Why? It’s going to be a ton of UGA people at a gorgeous location with food. Why the hell wouldn’t you go?!

(excuse the excessive caps lock. We’re extremely excited).

Message me or AJ if you have any questions!

My night.

Brain at 4 pm : I'll start studying at 5 so I can get a good night sleep. *goes on tumblr*
Brain at 5 pm: If I start studying at 6, then I can still good night's sleep *reblogs videor*
Brain at 6 pm: I'll just start studying at 7. *reblogs post*
Brain at 7 pm: I'll start studying at 8. That's not too late. *scrolls through dash*
Brain at 8 pm: I can start studying at 9 and still get a decent night's sleep. *reblogs photo*
Brain at 9 pm: Ugh, I should really start studying. I'll definitely start at 10. *likes post*
Brain at 10 pm: I really need to start studying. This is serious. I WILL start studying at 11. *scrolls through dash some more*
Brain at 11 pm: I need to study. I'm going to start studying at midnight and that's final. *likes post*
Brain at 12 am: Well, looks like I'm not getting any sleep tonight. *writes a post about how stressed they are*

Life would be so much easier if I could just major in Tumblr with a minor in Netflix.

I wish there was some kind of Tumblr 2060 college course I could take that was just everyone who has a Tumblr at my college so we could all meet up and chill and just talk about Tumblr and stuff.

That would be the best class ever. A’s for everyone!


Let me know before you change everything…again…for the Nth time.

I care more about blogging about the Oscars than I do about my actual life.

Tumblr [Tum-bul-er]-noun1. The end of your social life.

Tumblr [Tum-bul-er]
1. The end of your social life.

GoRankem: Sound off!


Hey guys! I’m Lesley, one of the new social media interns for Go Rank’em for the fall. I along with the other social media intern, Colin, will be in charge of all of GRE social media accounts (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube). I’ll be in charge of this blog for the next few months!

I’ll be sure to update it as much as possible with some new quality content. Starting now. But I want to hear your suggestions. What do you all want to see (or or even hear)?

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I just did my first post for Go Rank’em! Ch-ch-ch-check it out and follow!

What is gorankem.com? Well it’s a place for fans to come together and tell each other what our favorite songs are by our favorite artists. Looking to get into a new artist, but don’t have a clue where to begin? See what their true fans think!

The things that show up on my dashboard. Oh, how I love it.

The things that show up on my dashboard. Oh, how I love it.

Look at your dashboard. Now back to mine. Now back to yours. Now back to mine. Sadly, yours isn’t mine. But if you stopped posting about other things and reblogged this, yours could be like mine. Look down. Back up. Where are you? You’re on Tumblr, reading the blog your blog could be like. I’m on a Mac.

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I like queso dip, fast cars, breathing, and The Beatles.

I do not take credit for any photos on here unless stated otherwise.

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