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The sky is crazy beautiful tonight. And I’m stuck inside studying. 

The sky is crazy beautiful tonight. And I’m stuck inside studying. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…GREEK GRIND 2K12! 

October 10th can’t come fast enough. 


Make sure to RSVP here! I’m so freaking excited for this. Spread the word!


Note: Tumblr meetup is on the 22nd NOT the 21st!

In a previous post we accidentally said that the UGA/Athens tumblr meetup was on Saturday, April 21st. That is not right, which caused some confusion. Sorry! But we meant to say that THE TUMBLR MEETUP WILL BE ON SUNDAY, APRIL 22ND!

Spread the word and don’t forget to RSVP by clicking on the link here!

We just got our meetup kit from the Tumblr HQ in NYC and it has all of this stuff like signs and stickers (seriously, so excited about those) that we’re going to be posting throughout campus! Make sure to tell your friends. Let me or AJ know if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

Don't forget about the UGA Tumblr meetup on the 22nd!

Make sure to RSVP by clicking on the link above! Please try to spread the word! It seriously is going to be awesome but we need your help to spread the word to the entire UGA tumblr community!

Today is a beautiful day.  (Taken with instagram)

Today is a beautiful day. (Taken with instagram)


Hey guys!

So AJ and I mentioned a few weeks ago the idea of having a UGA Tumblr meetup and we got a really strong positive response from a lot of y’all (we’re Southern - so sue us) so we are pleased to announce…


When? SUNDAY, APRIL 22nd at 1 PM


Why? It’s going to be a ton of UGA people at a gorgeous location with food. Why the hell wouldn’t you go?!

(excuse the excessive caps lock. We’re extremely excited).

Message me or AJ if you have any questions!

We’re getting such a positive response so far about the UGA/Athens Tumblr meetup!

We’re so excited with all of y’all’s (it’s UGA - sue me for being Southern) positive responses. There’s not a whole lot of details yet. But we were thinking about having it on North Campus or Herty Field or something on the weekend and have like a picnic or cookout. What do y’all think?

We’ll have more details after Spring Break, but if anyone has any suggestions, comments, questions, concerns or recommendations, feel free to let either me or AJ know in our ask boxes!



I’m way too excited about this right now. Have a great Spring Break!

Question to everyone who lives in Athens/goes to UGA…

If there were to be a Tumblr Meetup for all of the Athens/UGA people, would you guys go? Archerrr and I are thinking of setting one up but we want to make sure people will go.

I think this would be so awesome and give us all a chance to meet each other. I’m excited already but we want to make sure you all would be into it as well!

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Let us know!

UGA soccer player charged with stealing hashbrowns

A University of Georgia soccer player is charged with trying to steal an order of hashbrown potatoes in her pants.

According to UGA police records, Carli Shultis, 19, was arrested around 8:30 a.m. Feb. 21 at the Bulldog Cafe in the Tate Center on campus.

The student newspaper, The Red & Black, obtained a copy of the police report, which stated that a food services worker detained Shultis after seeing her attempt to steal the potatoes while making a food purchase.

Shultis admitted to a police officer that she had stuffed the hashbrowns in her pants to avoid paying for them, the Red & Black reported.

Shultis also told police that she had enough money to pay for the hashbrowns, which were valued at $1.06, the paper said.

The police report also stated that Shultis removed the hashbrowns from her pants and tried to put them back on the food counter when she realized she’d been spotted.

She was arrested and taken to the Clarke County jail.

I’m dying right now. Some people really do have problems.

It’s a beautiful day in Athens. (Taken with instagram)

It’s a beautiful day in Athens. (Taken with instagram)

Guess who just had the best time at Dayglow?
This girl.

Guess who just had the best time at Dayglow?

This girl.

Is anyone going to Dayglow in Athens on January 20th?


I miss you so much. I miss downtown, the bars, the restaurants, the atmosphere, everything. I miss Tate. The MLC. I MISS JITTERY JOES SO MUCH (and the cute bartender who works there - don’t play dumb. You all know exactly who I’m talking about). I miss the fantastic meals at Last Resort. I miss Ramsey. Eating with all of the athletes at ECV. I miss all of my friends.

I just want to be back.

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Took the scenic route to Athens.

Took the scenic route to Athens.

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